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Our goal is to achieve YOUR best...            Philadelphia, PA 19144

  Mount Airy Real Estate is owned and operated by Q Enterprises, Inc.

  We are licensed to sell Residential and Commercial Real Estate throughout the state of Pennsylvania.
  The Broker of record is William Qaadir Logan, GRI licensed since 1981. Born in Philadelphia, PA alias
  "The City of Brotherly Love".  He started to work for a small real estate firm in the Northwest part of
  the city, from which he purchased his second home.

  When learning of the tax benefits and the real estate investment opportunities available through home
  ownership, he thought he struck gold! Wanting to share his newly acquired knowledge by helping others
  to take advantage of it, he became a real estate agent. The thought of helping people and getting paid
  for it, was a perfect fit.

      We specialize in helping the first-time home buyers and first time investing
  buyers purchase their home! By far the most difficult and the most challenging part of this business!
  Also, the most rewarding part of the business.  We will help you from start to finish:

     1. Getting approval for mortgages.
     2. Finding the best home that you can afford in the area that you want.
     3. Writing up an agreement with favorable terms for you.
     4. Having the home inspection to find out the condition of the
         property and utilities (electric, plumbing, roof, etc).

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