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Our Goal: To empower Renters to become Home Owners!

Today’s rental market is very competitive and it can be frustrating in finding
and making the move to your new place you want to call Home!

There are a lot more people out there in today’s rental market looking for the
same place that you want. Supply and demand has fueled the rental market rates to
record highs and property owners are more selective than ever before,
when selecting new tenants!

Most people make more money then you or I, have better credit then you
or I and have better references then you and I.

What we do differently here at Mount Airy Real Estate is;
First we really care! , Secondly we have to work together, smarter and harder.
So let’s flip the script. And now you are the property owner!
Who would you want ? What would you need to know about your new tenant(s),
who wants to move into your house that you are renting.
Are they going to pay you on time ? So you can pay the mortgage on time ?

What we need to show the property owner(s).
   1. We can afford the place:
       Proof of income, Copies of most recent pay stubs(2-3), Award letter,
       SSI, Welfare, Unemployment, Cash income from small private business
       or other source, everything to verify your incomes.

   2. Credit report (done within 30-60days). If you know of any negative reports
       about your credit please be up front with it ! And have anything you disputed
       in writing and documented ! We have all made mistake and bad decisions
       in our life and we are not perfect, so we need to convince the owner(s)
       to take a chance on us and give us the opportunity to become their tenant.

   3. Complete a rental application along with the fee of $35.00 (per application).
       Names, addresses, phone numbers and date of present and prior landlords.

   4. Photo ID

Call Today; make an appointment to see one of our rental specialists.
Having Mount Airy Real Estate representing you will help make the move easier.
What will we do for you at Mount Airy Real Estate?

We will gather your entire needed information and store it electrically.
We will then make arrangements for you to see some of the apartments/ homes
that you are interested in.
After selecting the unit(s) you like, we will contact the proper agent representing
the owner, and find out if the unit is still available? If so, with your permission
we will forward your application and information to that agent and inform you of
their decision promptly.

Things you should be considering and questions you should be asking?
   What can I afford to pay monthly ? Price ranges ?
   What utilities are included and what utilities are not ?
   How many bedrooms do I need for the children at their ages
       and sex under housing requirements for today.
   Do they need their own room ?
   What is the total moving cost ? 1st month’s rent, 1 month’s security
       and last’s month’s if credit is not strong or adequate.
   Moving date? How long will the process take?

To get Started, simply download our application    >>>>  RENTAL APPLICATION
    Click to fill out the form or Right-Click
    then save-as to save it to your computer
    and fill out later. Then Email, Fax, or Send US-Mail   

       CALL  215-848-6030  for more detail

Equal Housing


  Proof of income (2)
  Photo ID of all adults.
  Completed rental   application.

            MLS Realtor